Our Partners

We know that for athletes, having time for practice and training is essential to their success.

A partnership model that works to help budding athletes

At Prose Edu, we believe in the importance of learning. We know that for athletes, having time for practice and training is essential to their success. We also know that getting the right information can be challenging—that’s why we’re here to provide them with the tools and resources needed to reach their goals – both on and off the field.

Our centers are designed to make it easy for them to learn and grow without missing a beat. We work with some of the best sporting coaches and academies in India to understand the pressures and bottlenecks in learning and mitigate them so that athletes can learn at a pace that suits their needs, while always having time for practice.

Our collaborators include:

  1. Just Cricket Academy
  2. Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy Zion Hills Golf County
  3. Omtex ICWC Cricket Institute
  4. Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC)
  5. The Residences CSE
  6. Padukone Sports Management
  7. Dolphin Aquatics
  8. Selenite Sports Academy
  9. Yadav Pro Badminton Academy
  10. Bangalore Youth Football League

Catering to the unique needs of sports students

At Prose Edu, we understand that not all students are created equal. Our teachers are familiar with the unique needs of sports students—we have the training to handle them and the experience to understand how best to help them succeed.

Our online teaching methodology is designed for maximum efficiency, so our teachers can give sports students the attention they need without sacrificing a single minute of their busy schedules. Our classroom management techniques include video conferencing and interactive whiteboard technology, so you can be sure that athletes will be getting the most out of every minute they spend in class. We know how important it is that your athletes get what they need from their education, so we make sure our teachers are equipped with the knowledge they need to make sure your athletes get it.

Our center coordinators are always there to guide students through studies. They act as mentors and will help with any query or difficulty students face in their course. We also provide counseling, related services for admissions and queries at each of our centers. Students can interact with mentors at our centers in their city and make friends who are going through similar experiences. Faculty members are available for assistance at any point in time during the course duration.


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