Student Testimonials

The system that PROSE and TSG have put in place is very unique and first of its kind where athletes like me could focus on our dreams while pursuing education. It’s a very hands-on system where the teachers are willing to help you regardless of where you are connected from and is very flexible according to your tournament and travel schedule. It helped me balance better because it’s a very player friendly approach where we had 5-6 hrs of golf and 3 hrs of school. "
Aryan Roopa Anand
“For me as a athlete its very important to me to be able to spend most of my time out on the golf course and doing things that will help me achieve my goals. This system that we have in the academy really helps me balance my time between golf and education to a great extent. It ensures that I don't miss out on the basic education and also gives me enough amount of time for my golf.”
Sumit Kotwal
“The schooling program at PROSE gives me an ample amount of time to practice my golf. I can spend more time playing golf, and at the same time, I know that my schooling will not be affected by it. It allows me to focus on both aspects and is flexible to our needs as well. It gives me enough hours to play and we have enough hours to study and learn as well. Thank you. ”
Snigdha Goswami

Parent Testimonials

The level of competition in sports has risen dramatically. To be a world level athlete you require a full-fledged team who can ensure an overall development of a kid Viz Nutrition, Yoga/Physical Trainer, Golf Coaches, Physiotherapist, Club Fitters, Mental Health Mentor and last but not least schooling.
Major Sanjay Kumar
NIOS is one institution which offers greater flexibility and freedom to learn at one’s own pace,without sacrificing the need for proper learning. This system helps youngsters, who want to pursuesports as a career. This system helped Aryan and other kids pursue golf full timeand also complete their basic education. PROSE EDU has been a pioneer who recognized the need to haveeducation while perusing other interests.
Ms. Roopa Anand
Sports are becoming too competitive now and this needs a lot of areas to get trained like ( Oncourt , Fitness , Mind training , Nutrition , Physiotherapy along with a lot of Travels for Tournaments) more than that for a person education is very important beyond sports life. So as a parent we always worry on the education part which gets disturbed for sports players. My son Hrithvik .B.P who has taken up Badminton sports as his career so in order to support him we have changed almost 4 schools when schools told they cannot support sports playing students. Attending physical classes are tough for the sports players as they spend most time training in the Academy & traveling for tournaments . so they used to miss classes & exams too. We have moved mid of the year to PROSE EDU & we are out of this tension where my son is getting both Academic & also sports & more than that he has One on One classes with the teacher so this is helping him a lot to understand & he is very happy about this. And we like to continue his education at PROSE EDU until his degree in the sports profession courses along with his Badminton sports career.
Mr. Praveen
'Game Changer School Program' - A school that delivers academics to a professional sportsperson at a desired place and pace. This institute is truly a Game changer for my Son (a Grade-7 student), he is currently being trained in Just Cricket Academy, Bangalore. His academics are driven in a self-paced manner, due to which he is now able to spend valuable time at his Cricket training.
Parent/Cricket Coach


Coaches Testimonials

“As the head of a high-performance golf academy the missing link was the blend of academics and sport. With ProsE’s Game Changer education program all of my players were able to maximise their time in training without losing out and at the same time getting a good education. Case in point is Aryan Roop Anand who is the current National Champion who benefitted immensely from the education program and was able to reach his potential. I do believe that ProsE is well ahead of their times in the Sports Education space and I look forward to a long and fruitful association with them.”
Tarun Sardesai
Director of Instruction

Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy, Kolar, Karnataka
PROSE EDU Programme is need of an Decade for sportsmen and other talents who wants to spend their quality time to excel in their favourite career
K Jagadish Yadav
Chief Coach