Our Programs


At last, it’s easy to decide to pursue a life in sports! Welcome to the Gamechanger Schooling Program.

A specially designed and delivered education program that’s customized to the sports student in way that has never been done before. Jointly developed by trained educationists and acclaimed sports coaches over three years, the Gamechanger program is revolutionary, and timely, in many ways.

The program understands the needs of the student pursuing sports, and blends the schooling requirement seamlessly into their sports schedule, apart from introducing relevant and new subjects related to the sport of their choice. Subjects such as Biomechanics, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition are part of the syllabus in the Gamechanger Schooling Program.

The Gamechanger Schooling Program employs the certified NIOS curriculum, and the school leaving certificates are recognized everywhere. It’s a passport to their professional career in sports.


We believe in a sports focused, an athlete-centric approach, and work closely with Coaches and Sports Academies. The program is pragmatic and yet scientifically designed. So that there is no need to compromise on either – the passion for the sport or the need for the academics.


We ensure that the student’s school leaving certificates are recognized nationally and internationally.

The syllabus and the subjects chosen are certified by NIOS, National Institute of Open Schooling, a Government approved institution.

Our integrated approach to sports and education is designed to realize your child’s passion and maximize their career prospects.


What would be the facility required at student end to attend classes?

Laptop with good internet connectivity and a headphone with mic.

What would be the class strength?

10 students per batch of online class will be the optimum strength.

What would be online School Timing?

Online school timings will be decided in discussion with coach. Suggested time is 10:00 am to 12:30 pm or 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

How does the process work?

  • Students get enrolled with PROSE EDU.
  • PROSE EDU starts online teaching.
  • PROSE EDU enrolls students with NIOS at appropriate time.
  • PROSE EDU makes fee payment for examination.
  • PROSE EDU guides the students to complete the assignments of NIOS and prepare them for examination.

Is the program inclusive of sports coaching?

  • If the student is already associated with a coach, then we give option to join one of the academic batches for schooling in alignment with the student’s sports schedule.

    If the student is not associated with a coach, then we can recommend one of our partner coaches with whom we run the integrated program.

Fee structure and payment option?

Yes, can be discussed.

We have already paid the Fee in a regular school. What can be done?

We will not be able to do much in this case. We are open towards discussing the flexibility in our fee payment and payment terms,

Will there be tests and PTM?

We will be conducting monthly tests, unit tests and term exams. PTM will be conducted periodically to discuss the students’ progress.

What about the classes missed by students due to tournaments?

Recorded sessions will be available for the students to look at and match up. Students can raise request for doubt clarification sessions online and that would be honored.

Will you be able to provide TC if the child comes out of the program?

We are offering secondary and senior secondary program under NIOS. NIOS certificate of secondary school can be used to seek senior secondary admission in any school.

Senior secondary certificate of NIOS can be used to join any higher education institute in India and abroad.

Are there any conditions for writing NIOS Exam?

At senior secondary level, the student should attain an age of 14 years to complete the course. For senior secondary level, the student should complete 2 years from the time of completion of class X to finish senior secondary course.

Can we get trial class?

Yes, can be discussed.

Can I migrate from State Board/CBSE/ICSE to NIOS program?

Yes, you can.

What are the offerings at Under graduation level?

NIOS certificate is recognized in India and abroad. A student who has completed senior secondary through NIOS can seek admission in any college in India and abroad.

We are working towards developing sports related undergraduate programs with proper recognition from reputed universities. We will be coming with an announcement soon.