About Us

Prose Edu is a pioneering concept where sports meets academics and the best of both worlds are brought together.

We are a system that links competitive sporting talent with education to nurture future professionals, who can excel both in their sports and academics.

Started in 2017 with the vision of bringing schooling to every playground in the country, Prose Edu’s curriculum is based on a holistic student development program that is aligned with the aptitude of sports students. The Gamechanger Schooling Program offered by Prose Edu is India’s first online schooling program that accommodates the special requirements of children who are into serious sports.

The Gamechanger Program

Prose Edu’s Gamechanger Schooling Program is designed to equip children on their journey as players and still maintain academic excellence. Attend classes online between training sessions and tournaments, and access worksheets that can be completed at home. These programs are customized to give your child a winning edge both on and off the field! 

The program is designed for young aspiring sportspersons between the age group of 10 to 18 years. The program follows the NCERT syllabus for grades 6 to 8 and NIOS from Grades 9 to 12.

The model is designed to facilitate learning from anywhere. Students can choose to join classes from a study center, their home, or any location where they have access to the internet and the environment is conducive to learning. 

Not only does the program allow students to participate in their sports, but also makes them accountable for their own self-study every day, while allowing them flexibility during tournament travel. Through aptitude-based lesson planning and individual sessions when necessary, The Gamechanger Schooling Program will give your child the best education possible, no matter if they’re playing in the tournament or not.

This program offers structured online and on-ground mentorship as well as a support system for the student to focus on academics. The student does academics for 3 hours per day, for 6 days a week. We bring you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and give you access to a wide range of resources, skills, and industry connections through our carefully selected curriculum.

A comprehensive curriculum curated to nurture the sporting talent of the country

At Prose Edu, we believe that education and sports are not mutually exclusive choices that a student has to make but can be blended to deliver the right program to the future sports stars of India. We have an unwavering commitment to the sportspersons of tomorrow who bear the dreams of India in their hearts, minds, and on their backs. 

Education is one of the most important things in life and we believe that sports is a part of education and not a separate domain. The Gamechanger Program is a unique initiative which allows you to focus on exactly what matters: your talent. 

The program curriculum is designed to suit the aptitude of sports students, who need not learn all subjects. They can focus only on those subjects that contribute to their development as athletes and give them an edge over others. Apart from regular virtual classes, students can choose to set up their virtual classes as per tournament schedules so that they do not lose out on valuable learning time while competing in tournaments. Furthermore, the classes are developed in consultation with academics and sports coaches so that they reflect the needs of both parties. Certification provided by NIOS makes this program a true ‘game changer’ for Indian education.

We work with the best

The Gamechanger Program is designed to make sure athletes never miss out on their opportunity to play the game they love while keeping up with their studies. That’s why a focused curriculum and customized schedule have been designed to mitigate the pressure of sports and enable learning.

We work with some of the best sporting coaches and academies in India to understand the pressures and bottlenecks in learning and mitigate them to ensure that athletes can learn at a pace that suits their needs, while always having time for practice.

At Prose Edu, our center coordinators are always there to guide you through your studies. They act as mentors and will help you with any query or difficulty you face in your course. We also provide counseling, related services for admissions and queries at each of our centers. Students can interact with mentors at our centers in their city and make friends who are going through similar experiences. Faculty members are available for assistance at any point in time during the course duration.

We have study centers at the following locations

  • Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC), Bengaluru
  • The Residences CSE, Bengaluru
  • Just Cricket Academy, Bangalore,
  • Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy Zion Hills Golf County, Kolar,
  • Omtex ICWC Cricket institute, Saphale, Maharashtra

What sets us apart?

Accommodating sports with regular education is always an issue, which is why we designed a customized curriculum specifically designed to help students stay on track with their education while going to practice and tournaments.

  • Our curriculum is built around the sports students’ schedule to make the most of their time while they are participating in tournaments and practice. 
  • We recognize that learning is an ongoing process and our students will continue to receive holistic development in their studies as well as their sports activities.
  • Our certification is recognized worldwide.
  • We customize your course load according to your tournament and practice schedule for the holistic development of your skills and interests.


Are you ready to take the next step to win in sports and academics