Flexible School Timing

School timing is scheduled in alignment with the sports schedule of a student.

Ubiquitous Delivery Mechanism

The entire schooling is virtual in nature. Now learning is not restricted to a campus for students.

Relevant Subjects

Now students need not learn subjects which doesn’t matter to them & choose subjects which enable them to perform well.

Road Map with Exit Points

Our program has road map for career in the sport. Student can take exits with relevant certifications at multiple points.

Program Benefits

Our Program Benefits For a Sporting Talent


India’s first certified online schooling program for sports students. Jointly developed by Educationists and Sports Coaches to ensure relevant and complete curriculum. 

Syllabus includes subjects such as:

Jointly developed by educationists and sports coaches, the Gamechanger Schooling Program will make the nation’s job of producing champions easier. For the first time ever in India, there is now a certified schooling program that allows students interested in sports to pursue their dream of becoming a sportsperson, without having to worry about academic certifications.

The Gamechanger Schooling Program seamlessly integrates the educational requirement of the student into their sports schedule, apart from introducing relevant and new subjects related to the sport of their choice with subjects like Bio-mechanics and Sports Psychology taught as part of the syllabus.

Admission Open

Facts about PROSE EDU

Year Old

We started this vision 4 years back at Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy

Past Students

Till date 47 students have undergone our program

1: 60
Student-Teacher Ratio

Virtual schooling by design, meant to cater to sports students educational needs.

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Partner Academies

Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy

Just Cricket Academy

Bangalore Youth Football League

Yadav Pro Badminton Academy

Selenite Sport Academy


Explore the students experience

"The system that PROSE and TSG have put in place is very unique and first of its kind where athletes like me could focus on our dreams while pursuing education."
“For me as a athlete its very important to me to be able to spend most of my time out on the golf course and doing things that will help me achieve my goals.”
“The schooling program at PROSE gives me an ample amount of time to practice my golf. I can spend more time playing golf, and at the same time, I know that my schooling will not be affected by it."