Can the pursuit of sports and education go together?

The love for sport is universal. Remember the first kick of the ball as a child. The joy that accompanied it puts a smile on our faces even today. Depending on the sport we love and who our role model is, we all yearn to be a Messi, Federer or Sachin or a Sindhu, May Kom and Aditi Ashok. And rightly so. All of them committed to a sport and made it big. They showed us what was possible – to live our passion and to pursue a career in sports. 

There are also stories from the other end of the spectrum. Changing priorities with age as the focus shifts to family, exciting opportunities opening up in newer fields or injuries cutting short promising sporting careers. Add to this the short shelf life of a career in competitive sports at the highest level and the uncertainties start to stack up. A quality education is, therefore, paramount as it becomes a constant companion, an accelerator or a failsafe depending on the scenario. 

In the past, practicality trumped passion, and more often than not, sport gave way to education and not without reason. But what if education and sports could be pursued together? 

Education is the bedrock on which other disciplines can thrive. And it is this philosophy that Proseedu embraces. It addresses the key concern amongst parents on education and delivers learnings for a new world. A world where Sport and Education can co-exist and flourish. A true game-changer.

Proseedu was conceptualized to provide an exciting and practical option for students keen on pursuing sport seriously while continuing their studies. If education alone is an USP for most, wait till you learn more about the GSP.  

The Gamechanger Schooling Program (GSP) from Proseedu provides a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of pursuing sport under the able guidance of qualified coaches, combined with a quality education delivered by well-trained academics ensuring all-round development. The offerings range from evening and online classes to flexible schedules make it an irresistible choice.

25 years ago, a good friend of mine was a national level track and field athlete who left sport to succeed in his IT career, which he did substantially, by becoming the CEO of a prestigious company. But I always wondered whether he could have been supported better with a structure and system that gave him a shot at glory in both sport and education. 

Proseedu fills this void for the youngsters of today with an offering that’s a game-changer. Know more about how Proseedu’s Gamechanger can support in this endeavor by clicking on the links below.  Win the battle before you even get onto the field!