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India’s First Online Schooling Program for Sports Students

Gamechanger: India’s First Online Schooling Program for Sports Students

Do you dream of becoming a sports professional but aren’t sure how to go about it? You know that you need to get a good education, but you also want to pursue your dreams in the world of sports.

Gamechanger Schooling Program is India’s first certified online schooling program for sports students. We provide the answer to the question “How do I become a professional sportsperson and gain the necessary academic qualifications at the same time?”

The Gamechanger Schooling Program has been jointly developed by educationists and sports coaches to address the specific needs and demands of students pursuing sports. It is a unique integration of school education with sports coaching.

About the Program

We believe that every child has the right to a quality education. That’s why we’ve created a program that is designed for young aspiring sportspersons in the age group of 10 to 18 years, offering NCERT syllabus between grades 6 to 8 and NIOS from grades 9 to 12.

Here the model is designed to have students join classes from a study center, home or any location where they have access to the internet and the environment is conducive to learning.

We understand that sports students have a lot on their plate. They’re pursuing serious sports, and we get it. They need to be able to focus on the game and their teammates, not sit in a classroom all day. That’s why we offer our courses online, so they can learn from experts in the field without ever having to leave the court!

Our staff is here to help them succeed in studies and make sure everything is going smoothly. The student studies for 3 hours per day, for 6 days a week.The staff will monitor their attendance and progress on an ongoing basis, as well as provide any assistance necessary for them to get through each course and unit with flying colors.

Program Highlights

  • Morning and evening school
  • Assignments and study materials
  • Total 15 students in a section
  • Mentoring and counseling
  • Live classes, bridge classes, doubt clarification, and 10-minute short videos

Subjects Offered

We know how hard it can be to balance the need for academics with the passion for sports. That’s why our program is designed to give sports students the opportunity to learn only those subjects that contribute to their development as athletes, while also giving them an edge over others.

The program is pragmatic and follows a scientifically designed curriculum that will help you excel academically as well as on the field. You don’t need to compromise on either – the passion for sport or the need for academics.

Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science, and Computer Science

Optional: Languages ( Hindi/Kannada) – only on Saturdays


  • The first out is in class 8 should a student want it, or for any unforeseen reason
  • This leaves open the option of going back to a regular school

Group 1: Business Studies, Economics, Social Science, Mathematics, and English

Group 2: Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, and Data Entry Operations

Vocational Course: Basic Computers


  • When a student seeks admission post Class 10, it is the basis of his ‘best 5’ subject score
  • PROSE EDU prepares the student only for five subjects, allowing him to give his best without the pressure of doing another five
  • The choice of subjects allows him to get into the arts, commerce, or science streams for standard 11 and 12 in any college
  • Students not only get a class 10 pass certificate from NIOS but also get a vocational certificate in computer science from NIOS.
  • The best 5 subject combinations would be appropriately suggested during counseling
  • A student should be 14 years of age to register for NIOS Secondary Program.

Group 1: Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Mass Communication, and English

Group 2(Only Evening Batch): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English

Replacement subjects for Group 1: Psychology and Data Entry Operation

Vocational course: Basic Computers


  • Psychology is relatable given the nature of the game they play and their access to mind training at the academy
  • Business Studies teach them to think critically about the skills needed to run oneself as a business
  • Economics gives them a macro understanding of the importance of the environment in which they need to operate
  • Accountancy would help them understand the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and financial information of a business.
  • Data Entry Operation helps them get hang of basic computer literacy required for life.
  • Mass Communication and English are the lighter subjects, more in tune with their upbringing and lifestyle; it also opens Arts as an option
  • The best 5 subject combinations would be appropriately suggested during counseling

You might be thinking, “But what about board exams?”

There are only two board exams: Class 10 and 12. They take place in the month of April and October, respectively. The student has the option to take exams for all subjects in one go or split it up between April and October or take the option of On Demand—a system that allows students to pick which subjects they want to study at any given time during the year instead of waiting until their final exams.

Some subjects have practical tests (where students have to perform tasks) and teacher-marked assessments (where teachers grade students’ performance on certain tasks).

It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that they complete all their class 10 exams with a pass before proceeding to class 11. Class 12 exams are mandatory for all students, and must be completed within 2 years from the time a student completes his or her class 10 exams.

Our Study Centers

PROSE EDU is a learning experience that works with you.

Our study centers are designed to provide a comfortable and friendly environment, where students can join online classes or sit at one of our individual workstations and do self-study. We also have a library corner with relevant books for them to refer to.

The center becomes a touch point for both students and parents to get counseling done, complete the admission process, take trial sessions, write tests and raise queries.

Our center coordinators act as mentors for every student. They help them throughout their studies by answering any questions that they may have about the coursework or the admission process.


Are you ready to take the next step to win in sports and academics