Partner Academies

Partnership Model

PROSE EDU believes in a connected and integrated approach of schooling. Both education and sports are critical for a student between the age category 6 to 20. A disconnected approach will put the student under tremendous pressure and may push to choose one over the other. PROSE EDU believes in a handshake approach through which a partnership is established with a coach. The entire day schedule of a student is derived along with the coach. A short term and a long-term road map is also laid out for the students. The hand shake model not only takes care of the educational and sports requirement of the students, but also ensures that the sub-optimal are no more left alone. 



Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy, Kolar
Partner since 2017

Just Cricket Academy, Yelahanka
Partner since 2018

Bangalore Youth Football League
Partnered in 2021

Yadav Pro Badminton Academy Partnered in 2021

Selenite Sports Academy

Partners in Making

Dolphin Aquatics PDCSE