Welcome to a World Where Sports is Education

  • Can the lesson plan for a child pursuing sports or music be the same as for the one chasing maths or science?

  • How will we produce world class sportspersons and artists if we continue to teach all students indiscriminately?

  • How can we help students chase their passion, fulfil their lives, and bring glory to the country?

  • What is the right education for the sports student? 

  • Why can’t there be a school inside a playground rather than a playground inside a school?

Prose Edu (Professional Sports Education Academy Pvt. Ltd.) was born out of these burning questions.

With Gamechanger, India’s first certified online schooling program for sports students, we provide the answer to the question that many children, sports coaches, and parents have been asking – “How to become a professional sportsperson AND gain the necessary academic qualifications at the same time?”

At Prose Edu, we believe that education and sports are not mutually exclusive choices that a student has to make but can be blended in beautifully to deliver the right program to the future sports stars of India.

We are a Virtual School dedicated to the educational needs of Students pursuing serious sports

Team of Faculties

Dedicated Faculty

1:10 Student/teacher Ratio ​

Flexible School Timing

4 years into making champions​

Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy, Just Cricket Academy, Bangalore Youth Football League, Prakash Padukone institute of sports management and Yadav pro Academy

Students from Age 12 and upwards. Till date 47 students benefitted out of the program. 15 students have currently enrolled.

22 students have benefitted through our scholarship scheme. Scholarship is allocated based on sports achievement.

Our Approach to schooling is Ubiquitous, Stress Free, Humane and Holistic.